Columbus Business First interviews CIO Doug McCollough on broadband discussions

Even before we had a chance to start posting in earnest here at, Carrie Ghose was on the case, chatting with City of Dublin CIO Doug McCollough about the recent meetings discussing resident desires for more and better broadband options for residents and small businesses across the city. The May 9 posting got some good quotes from McCollough and took note of the potentially politically-charged atmosphere related to broadband right in the headline: “Dublin wants better broadband for residents — short of an ‘act of war’ on carriers”.

Good job by the City in getting out in front of the story and making it clear to carriers that the City means them no harm — despite what a few residents have already voiced in the meetings to date and what might come out of future discussions (there’s definitely a wide spectrum of opinion).

This web site was even linked toward the bottom of the article. So we’re famous now? 😉

Hopefully Ghose and crew will keep tabs on the discussion in the months to come. We’re all just getting started.