How to join the DublinBroadband email list / Google Group

Aside from this web site, we also have an email list — specifically a Google Group — setup to enable resident-to-resident conversation about broadband issues in Dublin.

Signing up requires you to take a few steps, but they aren’t too difficult. In fact, here are all the steps required to request access to the group:

[1] Browse to to get started

[2] Click the big Browse all button

[3] Click the DublinBroadband Discussion link

[4] Click the link labeled Sign in to view this group

[5] You will be prompted to enter your existing Google account credentials, or you can click the Create account link at the bottom of the sign-in box to create a free account (they’re free). After entering your email, you’ll need to enter your password as well (not shown).


[6] After you’ve logged in with your Google account, click the Apply for membership link that appears.


[7] You will now be prompted for several bits of information and choices, including:

  • Your display name (the name that will appear next to your group/email postings
  • Whether or not you would like your username to be linked to your Google profile (if you have one)
  • What email you would prefer to use for the subscription (if you have multiple email addresses that Google knows about)
  • Your initial preferences around email delivery (get 1 email per post, 1 summary email per day, etc.) — this can be changed in your preferences later
  • Finally, you will be asked to provide your real name, Dublin area of residence, and phone number; this info is only for the list administrators and will never be published or shared with anyone else; our goal is to only allow Dublin residents into this list

When ready, click the Apply to join this group button.


[8] Once you’ve applied, you get a confirmation message that your membership is pending approval. We aim to approve new members within 24 hours most days (but keep in mind, we’re volunteers, so we have day jobs that may delay us a bit).


[9] Once approved, you will receive an email at your preferred email address confirming your membership in the group and providing a link to get started. From here on you will receive email updates (based on your preferences) and you can participate in discussions simply by replying to emails you receive.


Questions or problems? You can use the Contact form or send email directly to