How would you like a top speed of 4 Mbps?

There was a nice piece in Ars Technica this week discussing some federal, um… disagreements on what constitutes broadband when it comes to taxpayer-funded connectivity initiatives, especially in rural areas where the USDA is making grants. Would you be happy with 4 Mbps?

Not really “broadband” — US grant program has 4Mbps speed standard

The article also notes that different federal agencies have different “broadband” definitions, including the FCC which only recently raised their definition from 4 Mbps to 25 Mbps.

While most Dublin residents enjoy speeds much higher than 4 Mbps, we’re not that far off in some cases, especially in areas where aging DSL is the only option — provided over deteriorating copper infrastructure that carriers are failing to upgrade. At least one resident at the late April public forum noted Frontier Communications has been particularly unhelpful in providing reliable or speedy access at their western Dublin home.