EATEL 10 Years Later

Here’s a couple of excerpts from an article that looks back on how one, family owned telecommunications company in southeastern Louisiana delivered fiber-to-the-home and what it means for the consumer.


“Household income is a driver for premium channels and for new services such as home alarm and automation. Households near the median income tend to order more payper-view or video on demand, rather than spending more on higher-priced entertainment such as concerts, frequent dining out and vacations. Needless to say, there’s a much better penetration rate for pay-per-view and video on demand with this market. By contrast, households at the 90th income percentile gravitate toward home security services and higher-speed connectivity to feed home offices and multiple internet-connected devices.”

“Mobile devices have whetted consumers’ desire for easy-tap access to all the gadgets and digital services in their lives. But they don’t want just access to videos, texts and games. Soon, consumers will need to be connected to the IoT to control their security cameras, car maintenance sensors, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, lights, lawn sprinklers and thermostats – almost anything that has an on-off switch.”

“Every appliance, electronic device and machine will be connected via the internet. All those sensors and all that data will need to be computed, channeled and coordinated. The car will talk to the calendar, and the calendar will send a notice to fix the engine so the owner can take that long weekend road trip. Every home electronic device, whether for entertainment, security, transportation or cleaning, is going to be connected and communicating – and to fully use this amazing power, consumers will want to control it all with a smartphone and an app.”

EATEL 10 years later