Competition Fosters Faster Speeds

February 2, 2017 >

This week’s Beyond Availability takes a look at one state in particular that SNG worked with last year, Tennessee. We’re taking a look at the speeds of broadband service received for businesses and households according to where they live and the vast differences in service.
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Business Speeds, Urban Versus Rural

Does your level of internet service depend on where you live?  SNG has examined the Rural Digital Divide in the past in terms of meaningful use – but what about actual service levels? Not measuring “availability,” as this can be parsed many ways, we simply ask respondents to run a speedtest ( and report actual speed received.  For businesses in Tennessee last year, urban businesses averaged 12 Mbps faster download and 5 Mbps faster upload service in urban regions versus rural.
Household Speeds in Tennessee
The difference in speeds is even larger in households as urban households averaged 19 Mbps faster download and 11 Mbps faster upload service than their rural counterparts.
Competition at Work

Want better service, urban or rural?  Introduce multiple service providers.  The unfortunate fact is that many rural areas just don’t have much competition to drive speeds up and costs down. When there are two or more providers, subscribers get more than twice the bandwidth for the same price as compared when there is only one provider.

Research for Better Broadband Decisions

SNG’s broadband research in a dozen states has resulted in an unparalleled database of self-reported broadband impacts from businesses and households.

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