Utilization and Revenues

This week’s Beyond Availability asks the question, do businesses that use the Internet more actually make more? Additionally we’re looking at how many businesses are actually deploying online customer support methods that support their online and offline sales.

For a complete archive of Beyond Availability, visit the SNG website.  Our most recent issue delved into broadband speeds received and how it differs for rural and urban areas.

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Utilization and Revenues

While other entities are measuring broadband availability, SNG looks an actual use, and scores it. With a utilization score of 0-10 (10 being the best) we’re able to see corresponding economic impacts.  Not entirely surprising, businesses that embrace more online business practices see the Internet paying off big rewards in terms of revenues.
Online Customer Service Tactics
A full two-thirds (66.8%) of businesses report that they are providing at least one of the below online customer service tactics.  Looking deeper into these online activities below individually, it’s clear that businesses are using a variety – if not a comprehensive – set of online customer support solutions to help drive and support revenue.

Research for Better Broadband Decisions

SNG’s broadband research in a dozen states has resulted in an unparalleled database of self-reported broadband impacts from businesses and households.

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